04 September 2018

Technique: backgrounds with 3D embossing with Nuvo Mousse, Cosmic Shimmer, and Glitter Kiss, part 2

I love making backgrounds and will sometimes just spend some time 'playing' with various products to make backgrounds for unknown projects of the future. These 4 all use 3-D embossing folders and metallic pastes/creams to embellish them.

Putting It Together

I split this into multiple posts because each is picture heavy. This post covers the 2nd and 3rd background from the four above since they use the same 3-D embossing folder and similar techniques with different product lines. This also allows for a little compare and contrast.

Caution, lots of pictures ahead.

Background 2 - Cosmic Shimmer

Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Polish is a metallic paste made by Creative Expressions in a variety of colours. Each one comes with a sponge dauber that snaps into the lid and a glass bottle. 

Cosmic Shimmer is water soluble until it dries when it becomes waterproof and it dies almost instantly on paper. I haven't, yet, tried thinning it with water to use as a watercolour or in a spray, but it would likely work for either. 

I cut a panel 4" x 5 1/4" (1/4" smaller than an A2 card) and covered it with Cosmic Shimmer. When the panel is dry it has a slightly leathery feel and takes embossing from a folder amazingly well. When covering a full panel, I usually use a circular motion when first applying and then sweep side to side.

The price stickers in my pictures are Canadian dollars. They're about $10 from a US online site and may be available from your local scrapbooking store. 50 ML is 1.69 fluid ounces.

I ran the panel through the Big Shot with a 3-D embossing folder from Crafter's Companion. I love their new folders that came out this year. As you can see, the embossing is very clear and crisp.

I wanted to bring out the embossing more so I chose one of the colours I bought a couple weeks ago (I got the Indian Pink at that time, too).

The paste is slightly gelly-like and doesn't seem to be affected by air (i.e it doesn't get thicker or harder after you've opened and closed the lid to use it a bunch of times). The ones I bought 2 years ago on clearance from an online shop (and my introduction to Cosmic Shimmer) have the same consistency as the ones I bought a couple weeks ago.

I lightly went over the panel with the sponge, aiming to just add colour to the high areas.

This was one of the first colours I bought. It's pink is so light it's almost silver.

Sorry for the blurry picture, I kept trying to avoid the reflection from the lights and must have moved it while the camera was clicking. The metallic is VERY metallic. I added the Blossom over the Dark Cherry to soften the darker colour. Because the paste dries almost instantly, it doesn't actually blend. But, if you lightly go over a dark colour with a light one, you can create an illusion of blending.

I decided to add a touch of glitter. I have only one Glitter Kiss which is also made by Creative Expressions and in the same type of bottle. Some of the Glitter Kiss comes as a duo with two colours in one bottle. If you're careful, you can use just one colour at a time or you can blend them together for a bit of a two-tone effect. Glitter Kiss takes a lot longer to dry than the Gilding Polish, especially when used over a large area. I barely brushed it over the top edges on my panel for a subtle sparkle.

And done. The picture doesn't do it justice. Because of the reflective nature of the colours, the purple Dark Cherry looks so much darker than it is in person.

blah b2

Background 4 - Nuvo Embellishment Mousse

Nuvo Embellishment Mouse is also a metallic paste made by Tonic Studios in a variety of colours. Nuvo mousse is water soluble until it dries when it becomes waterproof and it dies almost instantly on paper. I've also used it as a watercolour dabbing it on a plastic sheet and adding water (to slow the drying). I haven't, yet, tried making it into a spray, but have seen it used that way. 

Just a reminder that the price tags on my supplies are in Canadian dollars. An online seller has them at around $8. The containers are plastic and about 1 1/2" tall. Since they're basically flat discs, they stack well.

For large areas, like a full panel, I like using the blender tool. When covering a full panel, I usually use a circular motion when first applying and then sweep side to side.

You can store the sponge in the container, but the moisture in the mousse will break down the adhesive between the velcro and sponge.

Like the Cosmic Shimmer Gliding Paste, a full panel covered with the mousse is slightly leathery and takes embossing like a charm.

To highlight the embossing,I decided on aquamarine which was brand new to my stash.

The mousse comes with a foil seal when you first open it.

When first opened, the mousse is very creamy like a thick whipped cream. After you open and close it for use, it will thicken with the contact to air evaporating some of its moisture. Most of mine are now more like a creamy lipstick which doesn't make them any less useable.

For going over the embossing, I like using a finger sponge because it's easier to control at a lighter touch.

The aquamarine added a nice look but I, of course, wanted more. I grabbed the reddish French Rose.

Like the Cosmic Shimmer Gliding Paste, because the mousse dries so fast on paper you can't really blend, but you can add colours over top of each other for an illusion of blending.

One more colour, a light pink, Peony Pink.

Like the Gilding Paste, it's tough to get a good picture because of the reflection from the metallic colours. (I accidentally added my purple mousse in the picture, it wasn't used on the panel. - I'll swap the picture later.)

In conclusion, the two products aren't similar in consistency but are similar in how they work. You can even use them together. My final conclusion, though, is that I just plain need more of them *impish grin* I also need more of the 3-D embossing folders, there's even some Christmas themed ones. They are larger, 5" x 7", so you can't get the full folder unless you use a larger panel than one intended for an A2 card.

As a side note: I find it interesting that the Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Polish is measured as a liquid (50ML / 1.69 fluid oz) and Nuvo Mousse is measured as a solid (62.5g / 2.2 oz). You can't really compare the quantities because of that. Price wise, the mousse does tend to be a couple dollars cheaper than the gilding polish. With the exception of the Glitter Kiss, a little goes a long way with these products. I want more of all three.

To see another example of how these products work and work together, see my first post in the series: Part 1 - Background 1


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