05 December 2016

View from the Workshop - First snow

I woke up to snowfall today. This is the first snow of the winter here. We don't get much snow here in the Vancouver, BC, area, less than I would really like.

My sweetie took our cat, Scout, outside for a bit (he's harness and leash trained and likes going on walks, the cat not my sweetie *smirk*). Scout was trying to catch the falling snowflakes like he does bubbles. But he was getting cold and wet and isn't too fond of either (but not adverse to them) so he wasn't out too long.

I drove into the day job and am enjoying the fall of snow from the window at my desk. The drive was mucky and took 3x as long as normal, but I survived and made it to the office. I have a SMART with the same tires on it that were there when we bought it in California yet I have fewer problems driving in snow than many who live here *laugh* I will, though, take my work laptop home tonight and work from home tomorrow if it continues all day or gets icy over night (a co-worker mentioned a forcast of -6 C overnight, eeep). I really just want to sit and watch the snow. I wish it would snow on a weekend *wistful sigh*

What the weather like in your neck of the woods?

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