28 March 2016

Petted Pendants

I like doing unusual projects and coming up with unusual solutions to challenges. The Kraftin' Kimmie Blog scrappy challenge for March is anything except a card. I did the Make a Splash coaster last month for a similar challenge, so I wanted to come up with something different for this month. What could be more different than a couple of pendants made with KKS stamps?

The stamps I used are the hedgehog and flower from from Hello Spring and the fishbowl from A Purr-fect Day! For the hedgehog, a diamond bezel and glitter behind. For the fishbowl, what better than a clear open bezel.

27 March 2016

Never Grow Up

I've been doing some small mold resin casting for an upcoming project. I also got new Chameleon pens. Since some of the small items I cast were shell, I pondered what I could do card-wise with either a beach or nautical theme. Ah-ha, what's more nautical than a little girl pirate?

26 March 2016

Supplies: Papercrafting

I am still new to paper-crafting, which most call scrapbooking. I prefer to call it paper-crafting because I'm not making any scrapbooks and really don't have much interest in doing "journaling" as it is depicted by many. I am, though, incorporating paper into my mixed media crafting and even making a few cards, too. I drifted into it with the idea of being able to make boxes and cards to go along with the other items I make, like jewelry. I dipped my toe in and then fell headlong into the lake *laugh*

20 March 2016

Make a Splash!: mixing resin with paper-crafting

This project involves paper-crafting (card making / scrapbooking) and resin. The idea was to make a coaster of a stamped image. The February release for Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps included a set called Make a Splash which is a girl stomping in a puddle of water. I love the dynamics and joy in this stamp so I decided to make it into a coaster. That it is also just about exactly the perfect size helped, too.

This is the inaugural post of Rijacki's Workshop at Bloggspot.

Who is Rijacki? Well, Rijacki is me and I am Rijacki. Rijacki is a name I adopted over a decade ago that first became my online presence and now have morphed into being both my online presence and the foci for my creative endeavors. Why Rijacki and not just use Kate, since that is my name. Rijacki has a measure of uniqueness which matches my creative goals. I strive to be unique. I don't want to be just another.. whatever. I don't want to be pigeon holed into just one thing. I like doing a huge variety of things and think I should be allowed to do so. Rijacki, as the name, started as a character in a game, EverQuest 2, and is an alchemist in that game. This two, matches to my creative endeavors because I am making nothing into a something, combining many ingredients to form something new.

This is not my first attempt at journaling, not even my first attempt at showcasing my creative endeavors as Rijacki, but it is my first under Blogger. I'm hoping the format will elevate my writing meanderings and not stifle them. I also want easy ways to link my meanderings to other blogs and locations which Blogspot might afford me. So, some along on my journey with me.