31 October 2017

Snowman and Penguins - Kit & Clowder Class and Confidence, progress 1

A few months ago, I started subscribing to the Kit & Clowder classes. I finally started to actually "do" one of the classes last month and plan to continue doing so. The classes are already adding to my skills. These are works in progress. 

The snowman with penguin pals is from the Pencils Class and I am using Prismacolour pencils. However, the 72 pencil set I have is rather old and doesn't have the same pencils in the current 72 set. So, I don't have the same pencils that Alyce uses in the class. However, that's not a problem, I just have to decide on different blends than the one she uses.

I decided to make my snowman in blues since I currently have zero greys. I also decided to do the hat in purples since to have it in blues wouldn't have given as good a contrast from the snow. I didn't do the glove or his branch arms yet. This is two episodes.. err chapters of the pencils class.

I listed the pencils I used on the side of the image. I usually write out what I use so I can refer to it later as well as include it in blogging. For this project, I am using lightweight watercolour paper (90lb Artist Loft) because my printer utterly refused, last night, to print on the heavier bristol I wanted to use. The watercolour paper isn't quite as white as the bristol, but otherwise I have discovered I can get good results with it.

During the day, while I was at work, I started on the Markers Class, with a twist. Instead of alcohol markers, I decided to use my watercolour pencils and waterbrush with the techniques in the class. Not only do I find them a lot more portable, I also have extremely limited pens and am vastly missing greys, especially. I popped on the class during my lunch and coloured at my desk.

While I also do have a limited number of colours with the watercolour pencils, I can do colour mixing (i.e. black and grey) to make a shade between and I can lighten colours significantly using a water wash and lift (pick up the brush and wipe the pigment off).

I used five colours for these cuties: black, grey, light yellow-brown, darker yellow-brown, and white. I used the heavier Canson XL watercolour paper (140lb). My printer was cooperating in the morning when I printed the penguins.

Me at work in my cubical which is partly decorated for Halloween. I'm wearing the glasses I need when I do colouring or reading. By my left shoulder, in the background, you can see one of the devices I do testing on, the MP70 from Sierra Wireless.


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