31 October 2017

My Workday Lair, a witch's work is never done - cubical decoration at the day job

Welcome to my witch’s lair. Don’t mind Boris, my spider, he doesn’t bite… much.

The cloak on my chair is festooned with the feathers of a thousand roosters that tried to wake me far far too early in the day.

My glorious table with my cauldron and spell book, which I fashioned myself, is ready for incantations. Only 50 cents a spell, what a bargain!

So, I love Halloween. I love decorating for Halloween. I love dressing for Halloween. I just love the whimsy of it all. At my day job, I can decorate for the season, so I do. That there is a contest (started last year) isn't the reason I decorate, but it might be why I decorate a bit more.

I don't have a photo of me, yet, but might add one later in the day if I can get one. The only things of note are that I am wearing an glorious lace blouse with long sleeves that I bought several years ago, my velvet cape with rooster feathers lining the front and around the hood (can't wear it all day or I would roast!) which I also bought years ago, and the cute fascinator witch's hat I bought recently, oh yeah, and my not as green/teal as I would have liked hair. 

How do you celebrate Halloween? Do you decorate home or work? Do you wear any type of costume?

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