04 August 2017

Faux Stained Glass with Resin

Resin is an amazing medium. It's possible to do a lot of glass-like effects with resin including faux stained glass.

The article I wrote for Resin Obsession, split into 2 parts, details exactly how I was able to create a stained glass effect with Pebeo Outliner, Resin Obsession Super Clear resin, Pearl Ex pigment powders, and a digital stamp by Sheepski Designs.

Part 1 shows how to use Outliner to make a bezel for the resin: https://www.resinobsession.com/resin-tutorials/relief-outliner-paint

Part 2 shows how I used the outlined image as the bezel for pouring resin: https://www.resinobsession.com/resin-tutorials/faux-stained-glass-diy

This was a fun project to make! You should give it a try, too.

Note: The articles I write appearing on Resin Obsession are paid content. I am also on the design team for Sheepski Designs and had permission from the artist to use the image in this article.

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