14 November 2016

Travel Crafting

I got a lot of cards done while I was on my trip. I didn't use every single stamp set I brought nor did I use every type of supply I brought, but I did use quite a lot and made some really nice cards. I even learned some new tricks as I had to compensate for a lack of certain tools.

Scroll back though my posts of the last couple weeks to see how I made each one.

While we were gone

I visited my brother and his family in San Antonio, Texas.

We went to the high school football game of 2 of my nieces and experienced Texas high school football. (There was never that much fan fare for high school football when I went to high school in California!)

We got to see "dad dancing" at its finest as my brother joined his middle daughter on the field with the other dads and their daughters on the dance team.

We celebrated my brother's birthday with him. When he was a pilot in the US Air Force, his call sign was Chewie because of his size. Thus, lots of Star Wars themed stuff for his birthday. Good thing he likes it.

When we got off our plane for the layover in Chicago (on the way to the second set of relatives) we were greeted by this beauty. Never thought I would see a dinosaur in an airport!

In Columbia, Missouri, where my sweetie's family is, I was once more amazed by the mosaics downtown.

We spent some lovely quiet time with my sweetie's dad and step-mom on their farm outside of Columbia..

.. and got to see the herd of rat terriers again (there are 12 of them currently, mostly rescues).

My sweetie also got to spend time with his old high school buddies.

The vacation was lovely, but I can't wait to get home to my kitty, who I am sure thinks we've abandoned him. It's been great being able to see him on camera (Cyber Cat Lodge in Surrey, BC), he can't see us and we can't snuggle him.

We're heading home tomorrow, starting at an insane time in the morning but, because of time zones, we're getting home mid-day.


Thank you for your comments. I do read every one. Your comments help me to grow as an artist. It warms my heart to see wonderful comments and constructive criticism.