27 April 2016

Angelic Gift Bag

An angel and hearts, perfect for holding a special gift. This gift bag is made with a single 12x12" sheet of paper following easy directions found in a Youtube video.



Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps - Persephone Angel: http://goo.gl/kKeUaP

Amy Tangerine Stitched Moments 12x12" sheet: http://goo.gl/z05IPk
Bazzill Coconut Swirl Smoothies: https://goo.gl/BrtpE3
Recollections value cardstock: Michaels

Ink and colourants:
Chameleon pens: http://www.chameleonpens.com/
Colorbox black pigment ink: https://goo.gl/4k5QTQ
Recollections gold detail embossing powder: Michaels
Versamark embossing ink: https://goo.gl/trlHx5

Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue: http://goo.gl/HD6dNr
Adhesive clear dots: from Spellbinders Makersmart kit
Ranger Multi-media Matte: http://goo.gl/Twfcs3
Scotch double-sided foam mounting tape: https://goo.gl/cgYD4W

Other embellishments:
Rijacki Design heart button with hearts: made by me :)
Cloth layered flowers: Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps March Kit
Recollection dove brads: Michaels
Stampin' Up pearl basic jewels: http://goo.gl/aVjdY2
C-lon nylon cord: http://goo.gl/v5wBW1
Recollections ribbon: Michaels
Elastic cord: http://goo.gl/0P36ce

Tonic Studios dotty border punch: http://goo.gl/WfTIWp
Fiskars 12-inch Paper Trimmer: http://goo.gl/1C80jr
Fiskars finger-tip craft knife: http://goo.gl/CHst5C
Tim Holtz Snips: http://goo.gl/nJYJeS
Cutting mat: dollar store
Recollections heat tool: Michaels

Putting It Together

This project uses a full 12x12" sheet of light cardstock. I was inspired by a video, linked below, and didn't alter the measurements of the bag, just the embellishments. I also started with Ranger Multi-Medium until I remembered I have the Tombow Mono Multi and I'm kinda running low on the multi-medium 'cause I've started to use it  a lot. Save yourself this gaff, start with an adhesive you like and stick with it through the whole project :)

Use a score board or, as I do, the scoring groove on the cutting board.  Place the paper so the side you want as the front is going along the scoreline side. I used a paper that didn't have a strong front, back, or side since the hearts go in all directions. 

Score in first direction (front of the bag to the back): 1/2", 4 1/2", 7 1/2", 11 1/2"
Turn the paper 90 degrees and score (sides): 3 3/4", 8 1/4"

After the paper is scored, crease on all of the folds.

On both sides (front and back), cut in on the 4 1/2" and 7 1/2" folds to the 3 3/4" and 8 1/4" folds. I also cut off the 1/2" from my 'flaps' but that's entirely optional.

 Add glue to the flap and..

...smush it around. A popsicle stick would have better but a toothpick was handier on my desk.

Adhere the flap behind the front panel. Repeat with the second flap behind the front. This makes the front and back panels very strong and ridged.

When adhering the back flaps to the back panel, you'll want to put glue on both of them at the same time.

Fold in the 1/2" flaps, if you haven't already.

Add glue and adhere them to the inside of the box.

With the 1/2" flaps glued to the inside, it creates a nice clean edge for the front and back.

At this point we have a nice little open-top box. With the embellishments, the sides, which are less ridged since they have only one layer, will bow out to give the bag a purse-like shape.

Now for embellishments.
If you want to use paper for the straps, cut them from the 8.5x11" paper at 1/2" on the 11" side. From the same paper, cut two 1" strips 11" long. If you are going to be using ribbon straps, you only need the 1" strips.

On the 1" strip, use a border cutter punch to make them pretty. I decided to use the dotty border from Tonic Studios because I got it on a Black Friday sale last December and hadn't used it yet.

With the Tonic border punches, you line up the silver on the guide with the cut holes to make a perfect edge. There's a starting line which does leave a section uncut. At the end, you line up the cut area on the other side (both sides of the punch have the silver guide) to do the last punch.I like the spring lever of the Tonic punch, zero effort to cut.

Once the whole border is cut you will have two pieces, the dotty scallops and a thinner reverse of the scallops. I decided to use both. I also made a lot tiny dot confetti for this project. I didn't keep any for future projects. Maybe I should have.

I dry fit my partially coloured angel and the bottom trim to make sure she was going to fit. I am a visual designer and measure a lot less than I should. I have a pretty good eye for what will fit into spaces and plan a lot in my head. Yes, occassionally the dimensions in my head are wrong and then I have to rethink and come up with a different plan. But, in this case, yes it will work.

This is when I decided I wanted to use the reverse scallops on the top and bottom of the front and back.

And... then I took a break from the bag and went back to the angel. I embossed her halo with gold detail. I actually did it twice with two different stampings. This was VersaMark pen on the halo which had been stamped in black at the same time as I stamped the angel. Later I decided not to use it but instead stamped a fresh halo with the VersaMark pad and embossed it instead. It was a cleaner embossed halo and the one used in the finished project.

One of the reasons I didn't fully colour the angel before making the bag is that I was dithering on choosing a dress and hair colour. After the dry layout, I decided I wanted to match her dress to the trim.

I use Chameleon markers. They're an alcohol-based ink marker like Copics, but with a smaller range of pen colours. The small range, though, covers a much wider tonal range. Each marker has its own blending chamber. You touch the tip of the brush end to the tip of the blending end (in a perfectly sized chamber so you can't mash the brush) and hold upright for a few seconds. The blending liquid flows into the coloured brush end, lightening the colour. How long you hold the two together governs how long the colour will be at the lightest shade.

The Chameleon pens do take getting used to, but you can do the same sorts of shading techniques as with other markers. I'm definitely not an expert at it, but I am getting better.

The paper I used for the colouring in this project is Bazzill coconut swirl smoothies. I'm pretty pleased with the results. I often use Recollections value cardstock with which I have been pleased as well. The Bazzill cardstock is heavier.

I decided to have a blond angel. I also embossed the clasp at her waist and the star in her hair with the same gold detail embossing powder. Small touches of gold to match her halo.

I set the angel aside and went back to the bag. I folded the bottom trim where it rounded corners.

I creased the folds on the bottom trim to make it more crisp at the corners. I added glue to the trim and adhered it to the bottom of the bag, flush with the bottom. One strip does not go all the way around, so piece on the second to finish.

Cut the remaining bottom trim to fit the tops of the sides to give them more pretty. Adhere them the same way.

I fussy cut most of the stamped images I use. I'm starting to wonder if it's an obsession *laugh*. I carefully cut around all of the angel with sharp scissors. I love my Tim Holtz snips! I also fussy cut my halo, twice, both the first one I embossed and the second.

Dry fit! (this is the original halo, it doesn't look terrible, but the fussy cutting wasn't perfect and.. umm.. I have a perfection issue.)

I decided to use ribbon straps. To give them a bit more stability, I cut and punched extra dotty trim and glued it over the straps and along the inner edge. To hold the straps in place while I glued the trim on, I used a small bit of tape and completely forgot to snap pictures of the process.

On the outside, over (and through) the straps (and trim on the inside) I made small holes with the craft blade and a bead reamer. Then I slipped dove brads through the holes and opened them on the other side. This finishes the fronts of the straps and gives them another stability aide. I did this front and back. It was while putting the doves on the back that I noticed the Recollections dove brad pack has doves facing in both directions. I thought that looked nice. Now I notice that their wings are different, too. Nice.

I lost my magnets in the move. They're in the workshop somewhere, but I couldn't find them at all. So, I had to come up with a different idea for a closure. I didn't want to use velcro and I was thinking to put a button on the project.. so.. a button based closure.

I tied a cord bow on the heard and used a small square of foam mounting tape to adhere it to the bag with a bit of clearance beneath. The heart is one I made from resin. Its clear resin with shimmery pink glitter hearts, a heart of hearts.

To attach the stretchy cord, I used a tab with the dotty trim folded over the knotted end of the cord and then glued to the bag.

The loop is enough to go around the heart plus a small bit. The glued tab should also help to keep the knot from slipping and the cord from getting loose.

Loop the stretch cord around the button to close the bag which also bows the sides giving it a purse look. The bag is quite cute at this point. Just like this would make a fine gift bag, but I have an angel to add.

I used glue dot thingies to adhere the angel. They're super sticky and not as high in dimension as the foam mounting tape. I did want her to have dimension but not too much.

I added the angel to the bag.

Another view.

But wait, thinks I, she's a little unbalanced. I think a flower would be grand. I dry fit a couple ideas and then remembered the bits in the KKS March kit. Perfect. Added a pearl from the Stampin' Up basic jewel set a friend gave me and ta-da!

All finished. (I really should remember to fully clean off my table before taking the finished picture, excuse the little white flotsam in the background *laugh*)

This is the video I started with:

Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog 


  1. What a sweet little gift bag, Rijacki! I am totally impressed with your step by step photos, you make it look easy! Happy you joined us this week at Simon Says Monday Challenge for Show us Your Metal! Hugs, Maura

  2. This is fabulous!!! What a brilliant project!! Thanks for playing with Kraftin Kimmie!!! :-)


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