15 April 2016

Colouring Resin with Pearl Ex Two Ways

My first paid tutorial is now live!

 The tutorial is on using Pearl Ex with resin in two different ways to colour resin with completely different effects. For example, in the shells picture above (from the article) the two pink shells are using the same exact Pearl Ex powder. The gold ones are also usingthe same one. In each pair, one is colored by brushing Pearl Ex in the mold and the other by mixing Pearl Ex into the resin. But... read the article for all the details. #ResinObsession

In addition, for this weekend (until 17 April 2016) many of the silicone molds are on sale -and- a coupon for $5 off on orders over $50. The coupon code brings a grin to my face: RIJACKI.

This is the start of something wonderful :) I will be doing a string of tutorials for Resin Obsession showcasing resin and resin related products (such as epoxy clay, molds, and colourants). This is on my road to having writing and creating as a much more significant part of my life and livelihood!

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