01 January 2017

Happy New Year! The snow this morning in the view from my workshop was absolutely magical!

My goals for the new year:

I don't like making "resolutions" but making goals at the start of a new year can give one purpose of thought and direction. They're goals. They're not "I must do this" or "I should do this", but "I would like do this". If I don't manage to achieve them all, no guilt, move on, re-assess, it might not have been the time for it or it might not even be the right goal.

Continue to improve my colouring/painting and expand my abilities

  1. Continue entering challenges: These have been helping to expand and push my abilities because it gives me a purpose, direction, and, yes, even a challenge to think in a different direction to meet a criteria I might not have thought about before.
  2. Continue documenting my projects (i.e. written blogging): I have found that writing about how I made things after I made them, seeing them after they've been made in the photos I took through the process, helps me to see what works and what I need to improve on.
  3. Watch the Kit and Clowder videos I've been collecting. I only have a few stacked up, and keep planning to watch them but get side-tracked by projects I am creating *laugh*. But #2 is part of #1 *grin* 
  4. Watch more videos (or read technique books and blogs) on watercolour painting that's unrelated to cardmaking/scrapbooking to continue to expand my painting skills.
  5. Continue to get braver about trying new media, new card folds, integrating more mix into my media. 
  6. Work on bigger canvases more often. 


  1. Continue to write and write and write. (I have always loved to write and even planned to be a writer when I was in school. Even the college degree I have was with that in mind.)
  2. Write about more than just card projects (which also means doing more than just cards or paper projects *grin*).
  3. Do some specific technique related pages (card and other).
  4. Find and obtain a new camera to replace the one which stopped working months ago. The old camera works but it's an utter pain to not have a way to connect it directly to the laptop and use a mouse for the shutter clicks as well as only having the tiny view finder and only automatic focus, etc. 

Start doing videos.

  1. Build a rig/tripod set-up that is stable, puts the camera in the best spot, and doesn't cost much.
  2. Don't put it off and wait until getting a video camera to fit in my budget. This means I'll have to start with my cell phone and also means I will need to build the rig to potentially accommodate both.

Make more time for a wider variety of mixed media 

  1. Use the supplies and tools I have for the other media! I got "side tracked" by paper the last few months mostly because paper is easier to just start doing stuff vs set-up/clean-up time on some of the other media.
  2. Stop fearing the fire! I have tools (and supplies) for metal clay, soldering, glass fusing, and other similar hot stuff. I got the tools and supplies when I found amazing sales or had a gift card.
  3. Do more resin! I love working with resin, I really do. I have a pretty wonderful stash of molds and things. I need to just do more with them.

Sell stuff

  1. Get a sales site going, again... Etsy is too expensive unless you're actually making sales but the work of promoting to get those sales is tough with a full time job and time for creating. Square Market might still be regional, but they did add online selling to the Canada Square so I might look into that again. 
  2. Look at local markets and fairs (again) and add one or two if the budget can fit it (there are fees and equipment requirements).

What are your goals?

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