01 July 2016

Hello Love :)

A small card (2.5" diameter circle) with a big message. Hello Love!


Putting It Together

The leader of a private FaceBook group I am in issued a challenge earlier this week to do easel cards. I've been wanting to do an easel card for a while and even got some 'stand up helpers' on clearance sales with that intent but hadn't wrapped my head around them yet. So, I was watching a video today for a heart easel and it struck me and I understood the physics exactly. So, I started thinking about my own collection of dies and scrolled through them on Evernote (best thing since sliced bread). I saw the hearts in a speech bubble and an idea began to bloom.


I found the circle die that would fit comfortably around the speech bubble and used that to direct the rest of the card.

I cut a 5.5" x 4" piece of cardstock (or 1/4 of a, 8.5x11" sheet) and scored it around the halfway point (2 3/4"). The cardstock I am using is Stampin' Up Natural White, 85lb. I like the flecks which give the cardstock a kind of handmade look.

I folded the cardstock and placed the circle die on it with the fold below the cut line of the die. I ran it through the Big Shot.

This makes a nearly circular card base.

I scored one side half way. This will be the 'hinge' for the easel.

I cut a full circle with the same die and adhered the bottom half to the bottom part of the card base side. In the background you can see another one completed showing the hinge effect.

This is the basics of the easel card. Card base of some sort > front scored and folded half-way > another card front identical or nearly identical to the base with the lower half adhered to the lower half of the scored front of the card base.  Everything else is decoration :)

I cut the speech bubble from a lightweight cardstock (Recollections value cardstock) and a backer for the shaker chamber from the same. I cut a circle from blue fun foam and a circle from the Natural White. I cut the speech bubble from the white circle.

To get the speech bubble in the same spot on the fun foam, I put the cut white circle on it and then fit in the die.I used removable tape to hold the die in place.

In the first picture here, you'll notice a crease in my speech bubble die. I didn't see that it was under the fun foam with the circle die across it when I ran the fun foam through. At first I was heartbroken and thinking I had ruined my die, but it didn't seem much the worse for wear at all, either of them. But, I will be more observant in the future!

I cut the speech bubble out of the blue The fun foam gets very squished by the rollers but will plump up after a while (hours later).

I cut a circle from some packaging plastic and trimmed it to be just smaller than the card circle. I glued it to the back of the white speech bubble with tape runner. The clear plastic will be sandwiched between the fun foam and the white face.

I used tape runner to attach the fun foam to the plastic and white card face. I could see the fun foam had stretched while being cut by the Big Shot, so I used scissors to trim away the thin edge where it showed from the front. When the fun foam re-expands to its original shape, it will further pull under the white.

I carefully dotted the light blue cut out with multi-medium...

.. and laid it in place on top of the plastic, inside the white face with speech bubble. This is the window for the shaker.

I added a few sequins to the chamber.

Then sealed it with the light blue circle, same colour as the cut out.

This gave me a finished shaker panel.

I generously put tape runner on the back of the shaker panel and adhered it to the card base. The easel is shaping up.

I cut a smaller circle of blue and then used the Hello stand-up helper die. I cut away the circle area to the left and right of the the die's fold. I dry fit this. Although it made the card stand up a bit straighter, it also made the card a bit unstable.The easel part was too far back.

I recut the stand far closer to the front edge. It's about 1/3ish of the circle.

I put this in place and it was exactly what I had been thinking, the heart speech bubble coming out of the hello.

I added sequins by the hello and a bit of silver lining with a gel pen to give it a more finished look. I also used a mini-mister with Perfect Pearls Confetti White to add a bit of sparkle to the white. Since I didn't think of this until the end, I used the fun foam speech bubble as a mask so I wouldn't get Perfect Pearls on the clear plastic or the light blue.

Closed, the small card is just a speech bubble with hearts (and sequins) and the sparkle of the Perfect Pearls.

Opened, the card has the simple message, "Hello Love". There is a small area for a personal sentiment behind the Hello under the easel.


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  1. Wow, fabulous easel card! I love the delicate hearts in the center of your shaker and enjoyed seeing all the steps you used to create this card. Thanks for joining us on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge.

    Cathie ♥


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