19 June 2017

InLinkz Project Manager changing to LinkDeli

I hate doing a wall of text post.. but..

I currently make zero from my blogging and pretty much close to that for the stuff I create. I occasionally do sell some items, but not even close to a level that would 'pay back' what I invest in supplies let alone the time. My goal has been to build a way to transition to full time creative when I am financially able to retire from my current employment.

So, what's changed? One of the online tools I use on the blog, one of the tools to help with the professional appearance, InLinkz is drastically changing its 'project manager' with a MASSIVE increase in price. I don't have affiliates (frankly, I haven't spent the time to seek them) and I know I don't have a large regular following either here or my blog (and haven't spent huge amounts of time cultivating that either). The price is going from $5/mo to $45/mo to keep some of the current functionality I use. The cheapest pricing is $15/mo but I would lose a couple features which I find important: being able to edit a listing so the 'mouse over' name on it is something relevant and concise and not a paragraph wall-o-text that completely obscures both the product and and the maker and the html links for the blog posts. I currently use InLinkz Product Manager for the Supply lists in my blogs, the little pictures of the products. (I'm not even sure what the usefulness of the $15/mo version is, other than a stripped down semi-Evernote-ish type product list. Evernote is far more useful and far cheaper.)

While I agree they can charge whatever they feel is necessary for their product, this utterly prices me out of using it past my current subscription (I still have over 100 days and can't find any information on how they're transitioning -that-).

So, my choices.. I can go back to creating my own links and even do so with my own a thumbnail images, but, while I do know html and image editing, this is something that would add a massive time burden to my blog posting, even if it's just text links it will add a massive time sink. I can look for a different product that does a visual product list for blog links. I can "suck it up, buttercup" and accept the massive price increase as the cost of building my possible future. I can give up blogging. I can try to monetise my blogging sooner than I am ready to (monetising it would come with added time commitments and requirements, something I don't always have while I work a 'day job'). None of these, especially the giving up blogging, is very attractive. I don't intend to give up blogging but I might have to reduce how much creative I do because of this.

I know I'm not the only one in this boat. This price increase is pretty insane.

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