31 October 2016

Halloween at the day job

I work in a cubical for my day job. For today's holiday, Halloween, there was adecorating contest for any who wanted to participate. I started bringing items in last weekand setting them up, starting with the big spider.

My cubical is at the end of a row so I wanted to have the spider just barely peeking out.

"The Witch is In" This sign will be added to my workshop at home ;-)

When the window shade is closed my cubical gets rather dark and cave-like. I love it :)

Quoth, the raven, is going to be a permanent addition at home, too. He'll be on the bookshelf tormenting my cat, Scout. Before I brought him in, I had him on the table at home. Scout showed his approval of him by trying to bite him.

What did you do for Halloween?

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