14 August 2016

Mylar Flower Box

I love love love love love the Detail Floral die set from Stampin' Up. I also really like this blue mylar 'paper' from Micheals. Together they make a pretty iridescent box.


Simon Says Stamp 15 Aug Monday challenge: Try to Contain Yourself


Putting It Together

This one was real simple, and not. I cut 4 panels of the larger of the two decor dies leaving a margin to the sides and bottom. To cut the mylar and not just score it, I had to use the Precision Base Plate. Since I could not use the Precision Base Plate with the edge cut die (it will warp thin dies), I had to cut the top edge with scissors.

The mylar 'paper' has a thick white card with it in the package so you can see the colour of the mylar and to support the mylar so it doesn't get bent. I used some of that card as the base. I cut 2 squares and sandwiched a tab from the sides between them.

I used scor-tape along the sides and bottom to hold it all together.

I'm not sure what I am going to use it for. It looks a lot more fragile than it is. It's a bit too big for a candle (4.25" square) unless I use a short fat pillar (and then only a non-flame one). It might be nice for a bit of dry potpourri. Or maybe I could just use it for a a pretty scarf as a inner gift box to a present. 

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