09 June 2016

Pontificating on the Process:- Why do I blog

Over the past several months, I have been doing write ups on most of the things I make and taking pictures step by step. I do this for a few reasons, in no particular order (other than jsut as I am thinking of them).

1) While there are a lot of tutorials online, sometimes hearing or reading another way to do it can help someone to have their own ah-ha moment to understanding how something works. I hope I can help to give someone that "ah-ha!" moment for some technique that I've learned.

2) I love to write. I really do. I have wanted to be a writer nearly my whole life. 

I've written user guides and training materials for various employers and a few different computer-related products. I've written short stories and poems which have only be published in free publications (i.e. no pay for me). In high school, I took journalism and was one of the school paper staff. I was also one of the editors in my senior year. My teacher and the advisor for the paper lauded my layout skills and encouraged me both in that and my writing. I was aiming for that career path by the end of high school but got derailed by life taking a left turn (at Alburquerque).

Writing is actually something I would like to be doing in my 'golden years' of "retirement" (still at least 15 years away if you note when I can draw from Social Security or the Canadian counterpart, if we're still living north of the border then). My day job pays too well, and my income is too needed, for me to change jobs to a purely writing gig before that.

After that long winded bit, you deserve a donut, from Tims, of course *impish grin*

3) I like teaching. I've done seminars, workshops, tutoring, and was a substitute teacher for many years, several years back. I have also been the one to fall into training new employees in many jobs where I have worked, especially this one. I like teaching. I like seeing someone get the "ah-ha!" moment. I've been told before that I have a good teaching style, that it's easy to understand what I am teaching.

4) I have a wierd almost idedic memory. This helps me a lot at my day job because I remember all sorts of things from across the decade plus I have been working with this product line and employer. I even remember snatches of conversations about features, why development went one way and not another. I remember details about paint and pigment properties that I learned years ago from exploring history and art books (I rather still like Medieval illumination). I'm also rather adept and seeing how different things work together (or might fail together). At my day job this helps a lot for testing and helping development or support. For arting and crafting, this helps to see how techniques can be expanded or combined.

 5) Paying attention to the process enough to be able to document it forces me to think about it, the process more which also helps me understand it more. It helps me grow as an artist to spend more 
time on the thinking, too. 

6) I like exploring and learning new things and like to bring others along with me on that journey. 

7) I can justify spending more money on new toys.. err supplies.. if I know I will be blogging about the creating *laugh*

8) I really would like to have a job, for my 'golden years' (or earlier, if it could meet feduciary requirements), which involves creating and writing and/or talking about creating. Working on that through blogging on my own is a step closer.

9) I just like it :)

10) I hope you like it, too. My page views often look like an orca tail *laugh*

Now... I need to find pictures to put in this post so it isn't a wall of text *laugh* I have a cat and a CL spouse (CL = common law, we've been together long enough Canada considers us all but married) both of whom are good for a few pictures *grin*

 - Kate 'Rijacki' Ledum

Scout is standing by to take your calls!

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