17 August 2017

Eclipse Alien - glow-in-the-dark resin pendant from a candy mold

In the clearance bin of the Micheals I found a candy mold with sci-fi motifs. I am a bit of a sci-fi buff so I got it with the intent of trying it with resin. For the upcoming eclipse (21 August 2017), I decided the alien would be the perfect necklace to wear to view the celestial event.

Read on to see how I made this from a candy mold.

I cast these two items several months ago, using glow-in-the-dark dry pigment for the Alien and Pearl Ex for the planet. I'm not sure which resin I used, possibly Resin Obsession Super Clear epoxy resin or Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast epoxy resin.

I used Castin' Craft Mold Release (because it is what I had at the time) on the mold, knowing that candy molds are not ideal for resin. Even with the release, though, I still had a difficult time unmolding them and nearly gave up several times. I put it in the freezer then warmed it with my hands several times as I worked to get them out of the mold. But.. I did finally succeed but didn't really have a purpose for them.

So they stayed in my stash of cast items while they waited for a project to include them.

With the upcoming eclipse, since we're going to a location where we will see totality, I decided to put a bail on the alien and wear him for the event. I glued on a bail from my stash using E-6000.

I can't wait to see this glowing during the full dark of the eclipse!


Resin Obsession: Clearance Item #resincraftingchallenge

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